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A month late but "Happy New Year"

Hi Friends

I am finally back at work after having 6 weeks recuperating from  knee replacement surgery. What can I say, but its a character building experience that I'm really glad is behind me and now I can look forward to moving better and being fit enough to do all the things I couldn't do prior to surgery.

I am slowly getting back into yarn dyeing, restocking the shop with old favourites, and giving plenty of thought to some new colourways.

Yesterday I dyed the Masquerade trio on sock yarn, the intense colours immediately lifted my spirits and reminded me why I love this work so much. I even managed to create a purple to coordinate: my daughter is going to use the masquerade trio to make the Stephen West "Glittering Snowscape" shawl and required a coordinating fifth colour.  Pale Blue, Forget-Me-Not, purple, Masquerade and Ink are the colours she has chosen and they will look spectacular on her with her cool complexion.

I on the other hand have a warm colouring and look and feel awful in purple. I love purple flowers in the garden and like the look of purple but can never bring myself to wear it. When I was a teen Mum bought me a lovely purple patterned midi dress, the very height of 1970's fashion but I hated wearing it and I could never work out why. It was just the wrong colour for me.

I am also knitting "Glittering Snowscape" but my colours are Riverstone, Siran, Minerva, Coral and Mahogany, loving every stitch of it. Merino sock yarn takes the dye so well and is such a lovely yarn to knit.

Half way along the never ending border!

Enough waffling for now.

I don't have anything else new to show you at the moment, but bear with me, I'm sure inspiration will soon return. Maybe a Valentines Day themed colourway, red or pink???

In the meanwhile keep on crafting



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