ss Why I wanted to sell Australian sock yarn- Wattlebird Yarn

My Story

My yarn journey began at the age of seven when my Mother taught me to knit.  I have been knitting and exploring yarn-based crafts ever since.  After trying my hand at felting and spinning, hand-dyeing yarn became the next step in this ongoing adventure.

In 2020 health issues brought my nursing career to a close, and I was left with the question “What next?”.

Retirement gave me the space to explore my creativity, and after a chance visit to a dyer’s studio, I found myself drawn to the process of hand-dying yarn. This was what I had been searching for!

Time spent in my cosy studio captivates and delights me.  I love to watch the tones and shades of my garden and surrounding landscape as they emerge from the steaming dye pots, and become beautiful yarn.

I hope you enjoy my hand-dyed Australian knitting yarns as much as I do.

Happy crafting!


Anne with her hand dyed yarns in her backyard in Latrobe, Tasmania.