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Back at the dye pans!

Hello again

After a rather long break, today I am back at the dye pans and would like to share a little of my creative process with you.

As you may know I have just spent seven wonderful weeks in The Netherlands and France and with brief forays into Scotland and Belgium. My head is nearly bursting with ideas, I hardly know where to start.

The South of France seemed like a good place to begin. I particularly love the terracotta roof tiles that are used every where. The bright terracotta becomes faded and muted as they age and blends so beautifully with the creamy grey stone walls. The buildings appear to have arisen from the earth:  this was the starting point for todays dye session.

These tiles are very old

I used seven different colours in my interpretation of the tiles

And this is how they look on the drying rack

Now I have to wait to see how they look when dry. It's very exciting, I really hope I have managed to capture the essence of the south of France. Tomorrow I will show you the finished product.

So that's been my afternoon.

Happy crafting 


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