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Embracing Winter in Tasmania

Hello Again,

The Winter Solstice is becoming a special time here in Tassie: dark festivals, taking a plunge in the ocean, nude or in fancy dress or just hunkering down inside with a cup of mulled wine, its great to acknowledge the rolling around of the seasons.

I struggle with the cold and lack of sunshine, but on the upside winter means I can wear all the knitted jumpers, hats, cowls, shawls, mitts that are bursting out of my wardrobe. When is the point when you just have too many and being a knitter there is always that gorgeous new pattern just begging to be cast on. First world problems!

You may be wondering why I have included a photo of my lemon tree? Its a bright spot in the otherwise drab sleeping garden with it glowing yellow orbs. The last apples are still valiantly hanging on the tree and providing another spot of colour and promise of apple crumbles.  Ahh winter comfort food!

I have been busy dyeing some new colours for you. A lovely Terracotta Tile to coordinate with Siran.

A pretty green Meadow

and a pretty Mimosa

  These are all available now .

Time to get out and enjoy a brief moment of sunshine between the showers.

Happy crafting


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