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It's Autumn!

Hello friends
It's Autumn in Tasmania, already the leaves are starting to colour, the light has a wonderful golden glow and the mornings are crisp and dewy.
The Summer has been very busy, firstly with my post op rehab, my knee is now doing great, and in late summer there is garden produce to preserve. Sooo much produce to make into jam, chutney, relish, passata, sauce, pickles of many sorts and fruit to bottle. At last estimate there were about 200 jars/bottles in our store room. I think we will survive the winter!!!!!
I sort of lost my creative mojo in the midst of all that so it was rather nice that I could take a bit of a break from yarn dyeing. Autumn re-energizes me so I have been back at the dye pots this last week and a couple of new colourways have emerged. My inspiration for Flora is the amazing display of Australian native straw flowers we have had in our garden over the Summer.
        Flora on 8ply/DK 100% Merino
 Flora on Sock with Shady Lady and Verdant both new semi solids. Shady Lady is  Ox-blood red and is available both on sock and 8 ply/DK. Verdant is a vibrant spring green only on sock at the moment but can be dyed to order on 8 ply also.
Mermaid on Sock is an experiment with a different dye technique and I am really happy with the result. It's really tricky to get these colours to photograph true, as all my photos are taken outside. The light and camera do not always play nicely. The true colour is slightly richer than the first photo.
In other news, I am really pleased to announce that Salamanca Wool Store in Hobart are now stocking Wattlebird Yarn sock and 8 ply Merino yarn. I will be in store on Wednesday 6th of March between 1 - 3 pm so pop in and say hello if you're in Hobart.
Ross Wool Centre also have a selection of Wattlebird Yarn Minis and mini sets of sock yarn.
Now I need to go and trawl Ravelry as I have an urge to cast on a mohair jumper, wish me luck finding a pattern.
Until next time
Happy Crafting


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