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My creative process

Today I want to share with you how my creative process sometimes works.

I have a beautiful mauve, lime green and teal kangaroo paw currently flowering in my garden. This colour combo has been gently niggling away in my brain for about a week and today I knew how to translate this beautiful flower into yarn.

I decided to make a coordinating trio. The first is an inky blue solid colour. The second became a variegated mix of ink blue, a mid blue, a light mauvy blue, dark purple and a lime green. The third is a speckle of those colours on a natural white background. The speckle  produced a lovely soft watercolour effect. The variegated skein is richly saturated colours, both should look great with the dark blue.

The skeins are still drying so I can't reveal the finished yarn yet. I haven't even thought of names either. Any suggestions?



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