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Hello Friends

I have finally managed to get my hands on a copy of "Homespun Knitting" Beginners & Beyond magazine and it's very exciting to see the stories about yarn dyers, myself included. I really like it how each dyer has their own unique style and I enjoyed reading other dyers stories, all similar but slightly different. There was one common element though, you have to be brave, bold and just give it a go when considering starting a creative business. It can be a pretty wild ride.


I have also been busy trialing some new yarn bases and have added one to the shop. The new base is Mohair 75%, Silk 25%. The skeins are 25 gms but are a whopping 200m, so its 2 ply/lace weight. I made a jumper this last winter using this mohair held together with 4 ply Merino and absolutely love it. 


I only have one colourway, Oatmeal, available at the moment but plan to add more soon. If there is a colour you would like to see added, let me know please.


Till next time

Happy crafting



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